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Bag Closing Thread

We provide a wide range of Bag Closing Thread, which is used in stitching and mouth closing of bags. We offer all kind of cotton, polyester, polypropylene, polycotton and also HDPE threads and yarns. We are specialized in the manufacturing of polyester bag closing thread. Our bag closing thread are used for all types of bags and sacks like jute bags, gunny bags, PP bags, HDPE bags, woven sacks paper bags etc.We provide various variety of counts for various capacities of bags / sacks ranging from 1Kg bag to 1 ton bag capacity. We offer different packing range from 1000 meters cones to 5 kg Cones. We are widely renowned as one of the prominent bag sewing and closing thread manufacturers in India. Our products come in various brands like Kamal, Eagle, ATC, and Sky Bird.

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